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Making keto & paleo friendly condensed milk is easier than you think. You will only need two ingredients: coconut milk and low-carb sweetener. Hi Edith, evaporated coconut milk results in almost caramel-like taste and texture - this cannot be achieved with creamed (separated) coconut milk.Mac 'n cheese is quite possibly the most perfect dish on the planet. The original version uses full-fat cheese, cream and white pasta, so the whole thing is pretty much fat and carbs. My version uses creamy sweet potato to thicken the sauce (plus adds nutrients and flavour), non-fat evaporated milk so that the sauce doesn't separate during baking, and brown-rice pasta. Only adjustment I made was I subbed nonfat evaporated milk in lieu of heavy cream to cut calories and fat and increase protein — worked fine. Easy, fast, yummy, nutritious, and uses things I always have around … makes it a winner in my book. 6 Evaporated Milk Substitutes You Probably Already Have at Home. While it goes by a fancy name, evaporated milk is really just regular milk with about half of the water naturally found inside the dairy product evaporated — which leaves you with a dense and creamy product perfect for cooking.